Video: Marc Schoenen, ASHRM 2016 Conference

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24 Sep 2016

24 Sep 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Video: Keynote at ASHRM 2016

Talk synopsis: How does Google keep its employees motivated around the globe while maintaining its unique culture?

Watch Marc Schoenen at ASHRM's 2016 Conference:

Video: Exclusive Q&A

Here, Marc Schoenen discusses how the technology giant is reframing working lives across its operations.

Marc Schoenen bio

An expert on financial planning and total rewards, Marc Schoenen leads Google’s international rewards practice, establishing total reward strategy across dozens of countries. Marc’s subject matter expertise on sales compensation has accelerated Google’s revenue growth in both emerging product lines and developing markets. 

At Calico, Marc helped craft a customized reward strategy for this life sciences company in its nascent, start-up stage.

At Google Ventures, Marc has helped to create an innovative venture-based remuneration model that rewards the long-term success of investments. As Google focuses on its next billion users, Marc is defining the end-to-end people strategy that allows Google to find, grow and retain future employees. 

Marc has been at Google since 2007, leading across a variety of functions including finance, operations and his current role leading international total rewards. Prior to Google, Marc worked at both General Electric and Deloitte Consulting, in addition to receiving a Harvard MBA.