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Changeboard Team

18 Mar 2011

18 Mar 2011 • by Changeboard Team

Increse in permanent vacancies

The report shows an increase of almost 40% in January in permanent vacancies across our main business functions: Sales, marketing and digital, HR, office support, finance, legal and executive search when compared with the average levels in November and December.

Temporary roles have decreased slightly, but this comes as no surprise given the healthy increase we are seeing on the permanent side.

Marketing positions in demand

We've seen an upswing of 20% in marketing positions on both the agency and client side. We are increasingly seeing the need for marketing specialists to help organisations understand how consumers interact with content - and then build up meaningful and relevant relationships with those consumers.

But there's also a real demand for professionals with not only creative flair but insight and analysis - people who can really add value to the bottom line.

Support & finance on the up

Support roles have seen an even bigger upswing - 57% in January compared with the average across November and December. This trend suggests that increasing workloads are driving demand for experienced administrative and office support staff. 

Finance departments are also recruiting heavily within our core sectors and January has seen a 50% increase in vacancies compared with November and December. Because of our industry specialisms, we are seeing demand for royalties and production accountants for film, music and TV companies as well as financial analysis and modelling roles.

Trends in HR

HR roles have seen a healthy upswing too of 11%. We are seeing increased levels of hiring in areas such as talent development as organisations work hard to retain their skills. Something we have not seen previously is the tendency for SMEs to set up their own HR departments. Where they may have previously outsourced, smaller organisations are now demanding HR generalists who can set up and develop an internal function.

Salary information

  • Marketing roles: average salaries increased from £34,000 to £40,000 suggesting a trend towards more senior hires
  • Support roles: average salaries were fairly static at around the £24k mark
  • Finance roles: despite the rise in vacancies, average salaries have remained stable at around £34k
  • HR roles: average salaries have increased from £34,000 to £43,000.

While there is no doubt that it is still a very competitive job market, our core markets of TV, film music and media are undoubtedly in the market for talent. 

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