The Olympics end: celebrate our athletes

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Changeboard Team

22 Aug 2016

22 Aug 2016 • by Changeboard Team

The Olympics is finally at an end and 130 British Olympians will be returning to the UK with medals.

The winning athletes won a total of 67 medals: 27 gold medals; 23 silver medals and 17 bronze medals.  

Theresa May’s announced that a “celebration fit for heroes” will take place in London and Manchester in October to honour both Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Our celebration of British athletes is about more than just medals; it is recognition of the hard work of those who won medals and those who did not; the successful and unsuccessful athletes, as well as the team of coaches, friends and family who supported them. 

When we celebrate we will not just be focusing on the small time spent in Rio, but instead, the many months and years of dedication that came prior to the competition.

This collective appreciation is a national example of the importance of showing people their work is valued, and it is important that enterprises emulate this. 

Reflecting on this, Penny Lawrence, deputy chief executive of Oxfam GB, says: “We recognise outstanding performance through our annual appraisal system and by creating an environment where employees can grow and perform to a high standard.” This includes offering:

•    on-the job learning

•    mentoring

•    certified coaching

•    study leave and in-house courses

Taking time to develop formal mechanisms and schemes that simultaneously develop employees, and also can be used as a method of rewarding them for hard-work, is the staple of making employees feel personally valued and appreciated. 
Our commitment to publicly celebrate the accomplishment of Olympic athletes is a reminder of the importance of actively showing people that they are valued, and is further inspiration for British enterprises to show their appreciation to their employees,and reward them for the work that they do.

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