10 workplace trends heading your way

Written by
Linda Sharkey

24 Apr 2017

24 Apr 2017 • by Linda Sharkey

To thrive in this new world, businesses need to understand that we’re going through another industrial revolution, only this time it's digital. Many companies are not ready for this, hanging on to processes and procedures that worked in the 20th century, but no longer will.

The future for HR will revolve around building innovation and culture, not around policies and best practice. The good news for the Middle East is that it is a hotbed of change and innovation, unburdened by the legacy ideas and out of date infrastructure of the West.

So how can organisations move forward? By understanding that talent attraction is no longer about your mission, but your purpose. Value-driven leadership is the key. Here are ten workplace trends you’ll be seeing soon.

The new frontier of the brain

Neuroscience research has changed our understanding of motivation, what drives people to excel at work, and the role of leaders. Pioneers need to apply brain-based leadership practices and get results.

The impact of technology

Thanks to the internet, the workplace has become incredibly agile. It’s easy to communicate instantaneously with all corners of the globe and more difficult than ever to hide from integrity breaches and mistakes.


Breaking down bias

Bias has always played a role in the workplace, but nobody’s ever really talked about it. Not only should you start the conversation in your company, but you can actually harness the power of unconscious bias and use it to energise everyone in your organisation.

Values as organising principles

Competency models and skills assessments are the models of the past. Values and leadership will determine whom you hire, reward, and promote. How can you make your values real in your business?

Culture is king

It used to take a back seat – but now organisational culture is front and centre. Your culture makes you either a 'hare' or a 'tortoise' in a land where hares are a must. You need to keep your culture constructive, relevant, and in focus.

Relationships: why inclusion is essential

In this interconnected world, it’s critical to build relationships if you want to survive. Create models and tools for cultivating relationships in order to tap radical innovation.

Heart is at the centre of organisations

The heart, and not the mind, is what drives human performance. The 21st-century employee needs to feel valued, respected, developed, and cared for. Build heart into your organisation.

The massive demographic shift

A demographic time bomb is about to explode. The baby boomers are retiring; the millennials have different expectations and beliefs. How will you develop the next generation of leaders?

Purpose as an essential driver

We’ve moved from “what do I want to be when I grow up?” to “which problems do I want to solve?” How can you tap into the motivations of the emerging workforce?

The new organisational structure

The career ladder is no more. Welcome to the career lattice, where success moves sideways, up and out to new opportunities.