Future Talent Forum: Are you doing yourself to death?

Written by
Changeboard Team

24 Aug 2016

24 Aug 2016 • by Changeboard Team

“The problem is that we have become one-dimensional as leaders, only looking at what we do, rather than what we think or feel,” Watkins told participants.

According to Watkins, too many leaders approach everything as a series of tasks or goals, when the real competitive advantage lies in developing our abilities in the dimensions of ‘being’ (thought) and ‘relating’ (communicating).

Solving problems – both personal and business issues – can only be successful if we employ all three dimensions. We need to think about what we are doing, find out how it affects and relates to other things, and then act on the task at hand.

For Watkins, good leadership is about unlocking new thought and ideas through shifting mindsets.

“Coaching and leadership shouldn’t be about making someone more skilful, it’s about creating a step change in personality and thinking by developing new dimensions,” he said.

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