Future Talent Forum: Values and ambitions

Written by
Changeboard Team

22 Aug 2016

22 Aug 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Buckland began the session by encouraging attendees to identify what ‘success’ means to them. “Often our idea of success is culturally constructed, so perhaps it is more useful to consider what makes us ‘flourish’ instead,” she said.

Buckland quoted philosopher John Armstrong, who said: “Flourishing means actively trying to realise what you care about and bringing it to life.”

Buckland argued that our personal values can help with this, as they provide our internal compass. When we ‘live’ them, we feel we are being authentic to ourselves. “When was the last time you embedded your values? Are they more important than strength and skills?” she asked.

Delegates were then asked to undertake a ‘career path audit’ by drawing out their career journey and discussing the points at which they had seen their values play out in their career choices.

Buckland encouraged delegates to identify practical steps they could take in their lives right now that reflected their values. She concluded the session by asking each delegate to pledge one step that they would take within the next 24 hours to live their values. 

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