5 reasons why apprenticeships are the way forward

Written by
Vicky Wallis

09 Mar 2017

09 Mar 2017 • by Vicky Wallis

1.     Apprenticeship schemes help businesses find and retain talent that might have been missed through what could be seen as traditional recruitment routes, such as hiring through LinkedIn or graduate schemes.

2.     Apprentices help create a diverse workplace which reflects the communities the bank serves. Providing a range of career paths for all ages will ensure employees come from a variety of backgrounds and provide diverse viewpoints.

3.     While many people associate apprentices with school leavers in industries such as the automotive sector, construction trades or engineering, it is important for sectors such as ours to offer apprenticeship programmes in order to offer both school leavers and older workers the broadest range of opportunities possible.

4.     Young professionals who join a company at the outset of their career will gain industry and business-specific skills that will make them more effective in their roles. They will also benefit from earning while learning, which can open opportunities to those on lower incomes who are concerned about the cost of university. 

5.     The ever increasing pace of technological change within businesses means employees need to develop new skills on a continual basis – apprenticeship programmes are a fantastic way to help existing employees develop these whilst offering new skills to enhance career prospects.