Is diversity on your agenda?

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Changeboard Team

19 Mar 2015

19 Mar 2015 • by Changeboard Team

Research results

We’ve completed research on the shortage of global talent to meet the business growth ambitions of multinational organizations (MNCs). One theme that emerged was the ethnocentric nature of most seemingly multinational companies.

Limited diversity means limited growth

Unfortunately this limited diversity at the top of organizations reflects my experience of working as an HR director of MNCs in the Middle East. For me, it’s also one of the main ‘acid tests’ of how truly global a company really is. Limited diversity means limited global growth and it must be one of the top strategic objectives to address deficits in global talent. This poses a question and a challenge to HR.

When is an organisation global?

How many key decisions, product developments and major projects take place outside of the home footprint of your MNC’s board of directors? From my research, very little. Analysis of the top 100 leaders of organizations in the Middle East reveals diversity as narrow and parochial. An organization cannot truly claim to be global until key board decisions are made from a group of diverse people living and working in the world’s business growth areas of the world.

Challenges for HR

The challenge for HR is to implement strategies to broaden the diversity of your top 100 leaders. Organizations that do this will attract global talent and achieve international competitive edge.

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