Future Talent Conference 2014: CIPD CEO Peter Cheeses presentation slides

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Changeboard Team

23 Jul 2014

23 Jul 2014 • by Changeboard Team

Peter Cheese, CIPD CEO

Peter Cheese is CEO at the CIPD, joining as chief executive in 2012. A veteran of 30 years at Accenture, including a seven year stint as Global Managing Director, he is also an executive fellow at the London Business School.

“It’s no longer a job for life. Today, it’s a life of jobs.”

Generation Y and Millenials

CIPD CEO Peter Cheese led the Future Talent Conference with a thought provoking talk on developing and managing our future workforce. He discussed the differences – or lack of – between Generation Y and Millenials. According to Cheese, the coming generation are ‘more flexible, more demanding and more diverse than previous generations’.


You can view the slides of Peter’s speech below:

Future Talent conference 2015

We're back again this April 2015. This time we welcome keynote speakers from business, the arts, and the HR profession to explore the impact of globalisation and the digital age on the world of work.

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