Understand yourself, before leading others

Written by
Monica Eaton-Cardone

03 Nov 2015

03 Nov 2015 • by Monica Eaton-Cardone

Diversify your skills

Get outside your comfort zone and take a route which will offer you a new perspective. When I became a retailer, I recognised the problems ecommerce merchants face and self-taught myself the technology needed to help develop a programme that solved universal problems related to measuring risk and tracking secure payments.

Build transferable skills

Taking with you what you’ve learnt in your previous roles is always going to be useful. I used my real life experiences as a merchant to inform the decisions made in co-founding Global Risk Technologies as Europe’s first chargeback remediation specialist. The technology development and business skills of the previous 20 years were imperative. 

Follow your passion

If you believe in what you do, you are more likely to go the extra mile to succeed. Passion doesn’t go unnoticed in business, it’s what drives success. 

Have a thick skin

There are plenty of challenges that female leaders will face in the workplace. The technology and security sector in particular is heavily male dominated, so I find my positive attitude, determination and thick skin have contributed to my career successes.

Seize to succeed

There’s a misconception that women can’t have a balanced professional and private life, but times are changing. Women need to recognise that leadership opportunities are out there and seize them, knowing that they can succeed, and in doing so, help change perceptions for the women who follow.