The market in France: an insight from EM Lyon business school

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Changeboard Team

22 Feb 2012

22 Feb 2012 • by Changeboard Team

Whats the general business market like in France?

While the economic situation in the EU in general is volatile, the general business market continues to remain steady, with some sectors indicative of consumer confidence (e.g., food and beverage) seeing growth. Recruitment for good talent, such as that from the top business schools, continues to grow.

Importantly, new business formation in France continues to increase, and the growth of these businesses leads to opportunities for newly-minted MBAs with prior industry knowledge and contacts.

How do you see the market developing?

The professional jobs market in France will reflect the uncertainty from the Euro and Presidential elections this year. However, as French companies continue to develop their international presence, via mergers, acquisitions or market entry (e.g. developing the luxury business in China), they will need more internationally experienced managers.

Why should I consider further education?

The current economic volatility, rapidity of technological advance, and emergence of new business models facilitated by technology warrant new means of developing and managing enterprises.

While professional business experience is essential to understand why companies and industries now operate as they do, learning new theories about business based on global market integration will permit senior business professionals in France to continue to grow their careers and lead companies.

What are your top tips for further study?

Find a school with a diverse student population to gather as wide an exposure to the world as possible. Tap into environments with faculty from a variety of countries. Gain knowledge in entrepreneurship, which is about identifying, evaluating and exploiting opportunities. This is critical in corporations operating in a variety of environments. Economic turbulence provides opportunities. And, like stars, opportunities are distributed neither uniformly nor randomly.

By understanding the reasons for why opportunities occur in some places and not in others, you can best take advantage of them before your competitors.

How valuable is the MBA in France?

The MBA is valuable for a few reasons. First, the knowledge you obtain in order to gain your MBA is, at least at the top schools, based on cutting edge research from great professors. 

This means that you are learning about business and management practices for the future that you can apply in a variety of contexts. Second, having an MBA, especially from a top school, provides you access to a great international network (see the answer above), and provides a credential that investors or lenders value.