Will women ever be fairly represented in leadership roles?

Written by
Changeboard Team

11 Aug 2016

11 Aug 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Two years on from ‘Cracking the Code’s’ FTSE research, relatively little has changed. The similarities between men and women at work still outweigh the differences. But the marginal differences continue to have a disproportionate effect on career outcomes for women.

At Executive Committee (ExCo) level, we cannot confidently predict a timescale for women to ever reach a 30% tipping point. This is despite more women than ever committing to their careers.

Heavily male-dominated ExCos may be committed to changing the make-up of their leadership ranks, but their messaging needs to be backed up with more radical action. So what can you do?

Download the next phase of the Cracking the Code research, below, which revisits the executive pipeline and offers insight and practical steps for business leaders to help you develop the commercial rationale for championing gender diversity in your own organisation.

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