5 ways to look after your employees wellbeing this year

Written by
Changeboard Team

18 Jan 2016

18 Jan 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Figures from 2014 show that our workers' productivity is 30% lower that those in the US, Germany and France; and their productivity is increasing faster than ours. 

Increasing workers productivity means looking at many different factors, such a education and training and encouraging innovation, but there is also another way: creating a culture of wellness in your company and investing in your employees health and wellness

One meta-evaluation of 42 different corporate wellness studies found a 25% reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, a 25% reduction in health costs, and a 32% reduction in workers compensation and disability costs.

Health and wellness is no longer a trend, it’s a burgeoning lifestyle. And for companies that want to attract the best and brightest in their industry, they need to have a first class wellness program to boot.

5 tips to help you create a more productive workforce in 2016

1. Create a culture of wellness
If you want to create a culture of health and wellbeing in your company, wellness programmes must be created with employees and not done “to” them. Start by opening up a discussion board. Ask your employees what activities they want to see happen. This will not only nurture a reciprocal relationship with staff, but it will increase employee engagement in wellness activities. This also means you are investing in activities that your staff actually want, not what you think they need. 
2. Encourage Exercise 
Ensure you are offering subsidised gym membership, avail of the cycle to work scheme and provide secure bicycle parking. If you can, create showering facilities and a locker room for staff who want to exercise during lunch or for those who want to run or cycle to work. If you can’t get the builders in, then organise a walking club and offer incentives for those who take part. Most importantly, encourage your staff to exercise, everyone wins in the end. Healthier and and happier workers are more productive. Fact. 

3. Provide Healthy Snacks
When you are working on a deadline we all know how easy it is to succumb to grab whatever you can out of necessity to get work done. Offer your employees healthy snacks and meal options that fuel their performance and nutritional needs. An increasingly popular trend is to provide fruit and healthy snack baskets in the communal areas where your staff work. Also, be sure that the staff canteen has lots of healthy plant based meal options as well. 

4. Prevention is better than days off
Organise on-site vaccination during flu season. This is now being covered by more and more insurance providers and it has a very clear return on investment. When your staff avoid the flu, they do not need to take days off work. It also greatly reduces a flu epidemic in your office! Think about offering on-site flu vaccines to your employees during flu season, your staff are more likely to avail of it when they don't need to ask for time off to do it themselves. 

5. Educate
Lunchtime classes are a great way to educate on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Consider booking heath experts to teach informative classes on how to cook 15 minute meals, relaxation techniques or better sleep workshops. If you have space, consider offering yoga or mindfulness classes. To increase employee engagement and turnout, always offer incentives to those who attend.