Future Talent Conference 2014 videos: Alex Lowe

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Changeboard Team

22 Jul 2014

22 Jul 2014 • by Changeboard Team

Alex Lowe

Alex Lowe is Industry Head of Classifieds at Google. His role that covers recruitment, property, legal and classifieds verticals. Alex is experienced in transforming traditional industry into successful digital businesses, both at large corporates and small start-ups.

Alex is also an active school governor and mentor for the Social Mobility Foundation.

Future trends in technology and work environments

Alex Lowe’s talk looked at how technological innovations are transforming the workplace. The pace of technology is accelerating, meaning your current working practices are as slow as they’ll ever be. Alex looks at how HR can embrace technology, a model of collaborative working and bringing it all together through fostering innovation.


You can view Alex Lowe of Google’s presentation below: