How to make a greater impact at work

Written by
Tim Robson

21 Jul 2017

21 Jul 2017 • by Tim Robson

Showing up is what happens when we bring the best of ourselves to the work we do; when we apply our talents, competencies and strengths and perform to our personal potential. Showing up gets us back to the version of ourselves we sold at interview.
Work is important and many of us should be demanding more from it. Here’s a number to remember: a 40-year career is only 10,000 working days, which means all of our working clocks are ticking – fast.

When it comes to our work, our careers and our ongoing professional rhythm, we all need our heads in the game and the way we approach the jobs we do is too important to leave to chance.

The message of showing up is that our work can be amazing, adrenaline-filled, muscle-stretching and full of possibility, regardless of the sector we’re in – we just need our heads to be in the right place.

Check out these tips to help you ignite passion in the people with whom you’re working.


Every brain in your business can help you progress. Look for ways to leverage the power of your ‘group brain’ and get everyone thinking about the work they’re doing.


Most of us tend to be wired to build, develop or create something, whether homes, families, fulfilling lives or work solutions. Creativity lifts us from the production line to the laboratory and there should be space for it in everybody’s role.


Help your people to believe in their ability; to know that bringing their best selves to work will help everyone. Show them you believe in them by encouraging, coaching and challenging them and pushing them to bring it every day and in every part of their operations.


Collaboration or the lack of it is likely to be either making or breaking your team’s performance. Place a value on conversation, appreciate the end product of effective discussion and use technology to help people stay in touch. We do better when we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.

All is well

Repeat this to yourself and your team: If you earn more than the UK national minimum wage, you’re in the top 8% of earners across this planet. Too many of us act as though all isn’t well and all is unlikely to be well, so why bother getting our hopes up? We can do better. We should do better. Life is challenging, but if we’re warm and breathing, all is well.