Recruitment in Canada: an insight for HR professionals

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Changeboard Team

20 Mar 2014

20 Mar 2014 • by Changeboard Team

The Canadian landscape

Canada offers a world-class economy of choice for those seeking an engaging professional career with international opportunities.
Relative to the US, Europe and Asia, Canada’s economy has proven to be resilient despite the global economic recession. This can be attributed to its long history of diversified, commodities-driven international trade, its sound banking system (the world’s soundest, according to the World Economic Forum) and its strong fiscal position. In 2011, Canada entered the recession in an enviable position of fiscal strength, with 11 years of successive federal budget surpluses, created by prudent governing. What’s more, Canada continues to be well poised for growth, ahead of other G-7 economies for the year ahead.

Recruitment trends in Canada

Companies’ recruitment activities on campus are on-going, though in certain sectors, like consulting and investment banking, recruiters are demonstrating a conservative approach. In fact, some American banks have cancelled their presence on campus this fall.

Conscious of the uncertain and rapidly-changing global economic landscape and its potential repercussions on their organization’s bottom line, recruiters are being very careful before extending offers.
All industry sectors have been well represented on campus over the past year, with notable growth in mining.

How can I stand out from the crowd?

In light of the forecasted talent shortage due to Canada’s aging population and declining birth rates, companies are competing to attract top talent from the same small pool of candidates. Furthering your education with an MBA is a strategic and sound investment that places you in that sought-after category of candidates who possess a solid understanding of the complexities of business, as well as well-honed leadership and decision-making skills.
Pursuing an MBA is an investment that pays dividends over the course of your career. It prepares you to hit the current market running and also enables you to seize future career growth opportunities as well as successfully handle inevitable career transitions.

Why should I consider further study?

Recruiters and hiring managers recognize that the MBAs have the potential to make significant contributions to their organizations and often MBAs are fast-tracked for advancement through promotions throughout their careers.
An integrative management approach, as well as holistic and cross-functional perspectives on business issues are valuable differentiators that make MBAs’ candidacy stand out from the pack.

Why is an MBA useful for HR professionals?

HR practitioners with an MBA are essential strategic partners to the growth of their organization. An MBA in an HR role represents a significant competitive advantage. Their deepened understanding of business and cross-functional synergies combined with their ability to take strategic human capital decisions to ensure proper staffing and succession planning.