Nurture your workforce Sherif Elogeiry, head of HR at Imperial Tobacco Middle East

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Changeboard Team

09 Mar 2015

09 Mar 2015 • by Changeboard Team

The global economic crisis

The global economic crisis has resulted in downsizing and layoffs, while the fight to attract talent intensifies. People want to develop their skills and social, political and demographic changes are pushing HR to work on getting the best out of them.

Creating a healthy culture

While HR is viewed as the department that manages talent, it needs to take a more dynamic role when it comes to progressing people. This requires coaching and motivating individuals in the ‘right way’.

How can we create an environment where people go to work feeling that they learn and experience something valuable and find fulfillment? How can we help employees embrace change?

Harnessing employee potential

I’ve always seen a link between our job as custodians of company policies and enablers and motivators of employees. When people buy self-help books from the likes of Robin Sharma, for example, they are looking for a prescription for success and happiness. Isn’t this what we all aspire to?

By focusing on this personalized side of your employees, you can tap into potential. Use knowledge that helps people in their self-improvement processes and can yield immediate and significant results.

Finally, link business objectives to a personal vision and spend time with employees to help them build on this. We need to start thinking more ‘intimately’ about the people we are working with and those we are responsible for.

The human touch

Developing soft skills through an understanding of success management concepts, NLP practices and self-help approaches can provide uniqueness on the people management side.

It’s important to educate ourselves about techniques that could help people improve their lives and the way they behave and think. If employees come to work every day knowing that they will get something new to add to their knowledge or personality, they are self-motivated and deliver results. This, in turn, will get them closer to the success and happiness they are striving for.