Should you craft a punchy CV or a wow profile on LinkedIn instead?

Written by
Changeboard Team

03 Feb 2015

03 Feb 2015 • by Changeboard Team

Playing the job seeker game

If you are currently actively looking for another job you will know what a time consuming task it can be. Keeping your eyes peeled on job boards, making sure you have the right RSS feeds set up, trying to network as much as possible, polishing and updating your CV, completing online application forms. Oh and top of all that making sure your LinkedIn presence is top notch... phew. All of this activity means job search can be a full time job in itself.

So a big part of the job search game is learning how to play your time effectively in order to achieve success. So what is more important today? A punchy CV or a wow profile on LinkedIn?

Is a LinkedIn profile essential?

‘Yes I know I need a CV, but what’s this LinkedIn stuff’? This is often the comment I get from job seekers I am working with. The vast majority of clients don’t realise the importance of their LinkedIn page and simply put all of their time and energy into the CV, and then as an afterthought they will hastily post something online.

What the recruiters say

A quick survey around some recruiters revealed some interesting information. One recruiter focuses purely on using LinkedIn to get introductions. While another head hunter said they don’t even bother with CVs, they just download profiles instead.

Some did report that they are still are using the more traditional methods to recruit, even if they are sticking with this they still reported reviewing LinkedIn profiles before actually scheduling any interviews.

So why even bother with a CV?

So based on this feedback, why even bother with a CV? Because it still enables you to demonstrate how you can specifically meet what the recruiter is looking for. It can also help you to show how you can solve the potential employer’s problems. In short it allows you to be much more targeted and niche.

Multi dimensional

A CV can be static, and often full of beige words. A LinkedIn page can demonstrate just who you really are, how you like to work and what kind of person you are. In short it can bring you and your career history to life in a way that a CV just can’t.

Job searching while you are employed

A CV could possibly be a more useful tool for you if you are looking for another job while still employed. Using LinkedIn could be tricky, and real care needs to be taken if you don’t want to alert your current employer as to what your future plans are. In this situation reviewing your account settings is essential, and possibly not displaying some of the groups you are part of. This needs thought and care on an ongoing basis.

Subtle job seeking

Attaching a CV to an email or sending one can only mean one thing, ‘I want another job’. Often you want to make people aware that you are there, what your skills are and that you could be available. Using your LinkedIn URL under your email signature allows you to do this, rather than emailing everyone a copy of your CV. A much more subtle approach to career management, marketing and networking.

Be consistent

LinkedIn should be part of the job search strategy and can’t be overlooked at any cost. Today the strategy must be multi channel. LinkedIn in or any social media activity must complement and build on the CV.
You should still spend time producing a CV, as it should be used to grab attention, arouse interest and leave a recruiter wanting more. The more can be found online.

Congruency is key here. Your CV and your LinkedIn page should send the same consistent messages out to the world. They should both be current and up to date. Make sure you compare the two to ensure they are broadcasting the same information and messages.