Future Talent conference 2015: Kursty Groves-Knight's presentation slides

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Changeboard Team

12 May 2015

12 May 2015 • by Changeboard Team

Space matters: how can physical environment can enhance creativity and innovation

How can you create an effective work environment that makes people feel good, inspired and productive? Kursty Groves, founder of Headspace, is a creative consultant who specialises and advises on how to build innovative and collaborative workspaces in organisations.

Sharing quick-wins, Kursty revealed that having plants, pictures and interesting surroundings in your workspace can raise productivity by 17%, while involving people in the design or choice of working environments can boost productivity by 32%.

Kursty also set the audience an interesting exercise: ‘draw a meeting in 30 secs’ and ‘draw having a meeting in 30 secs’ – try it, think about it, the two different perceptions can create something completely different…

See Kursty Groves-Knight's presentation slides below.