Future Talent Workshop: Cultivating culture

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Changeboard Team

23 Oct 2015

23 Oct 2015 • by Changeboard Team

Brand and culture, culture and brand: are they two sides of the same coin? And how can HR create, develop and sustain culture through an entire organisation? This was the theme of Changeboard’s latest Future Talent Workshop in partnership with SMRS, held in London and attended by a select group of senior executives.

FizzPopBANG: What builds culture?

The first keynote of the day was from Carla Cringle and Imogen Pudduck of FizzPopBANG, who examined the relationship between culture and brand. They discussed how you can find the values that define your organisation and drive behaviours – and not simply make statements that sit on a wall and mean nothing.

For Carla and Imogen, it’s all about the first follower rather than the leader when it comes to building brands.

Watch Carla and Imogen's full presentation here >>

Sarah Jepson-Jones: The culture journey at Cancer Research UK

Sarah Jepson-Jones is the head of organisational development and employee engagement at Cancer Research UK. As a practitioner, she shared the reality of refreshing and rebuilding culture from within an organisation, including the power of rebranding internally, dealing with ‘non-adapters’ and how to ensure your new culture doesn’t go stale.

Watch Sarah's full presentation here >>


Dr Alan Watkins: The psychology of group dynamic

How can you unite people with different mindsets, values and beliefs? For neuroscientist and leadership expert Dr Alan Watkins, it's all about understanding where people are coming from and working towards a common ground. He explained how finding the ‘shared dimension’ is vital for ensuring that your organisation is working towards a common goal – and can also help you create authenticity in your workplace.

Watch Alan's full presentation here >>


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