Should You Build Your Own Talent Acquisition Function or Outsource It?

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Changeboard Team

03 Mar 2016

03 Mar 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Internal Talent Acquisition

Many organisations take this approach because they believe it gives them the most control and requires a smaller investment up front.

However, even with a competent and reliable in-house talent acquisition team, your recruitment efforts will be limited due to experience, technology and workload capacity. You are competing against experts who have invested in unique technologies and are entirely focused on finding the best talent out there – without the distractions that come with being an internal corporate employee. The costs may be lower initially, but you will not save over time if positions are going unfilled, turnover is high and the talent in key roles is not world-class.

That said, the do-it-yourself approach makes perfect sense for smaller companies. With fewer yearly hiring decisions, it simply is not feasible to outsource your recruitment to another party. In that case, use your size as an advantage and promote the many benefits of working for a smaller organisation. This will help you catch talent that is out of reach for larger companies.

Hiring Agencies

Agencies are effective at finding high-dollar talent, but their services do not come cheaply. Relying solely on an agency is without a doubt the most expensive way to manage your talent acquisition needs. By design, agencies react to need rather than proactively sourcing candidates to build a talent pipeline. Consider using them for niche, high compensation roles where other methods have failed.

Enterprise and Hybrid RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is where you partner with an expert to design and execute a holistic, seamless recruitment process customised for your organisation. This approach is proven to increase new hire retention, improve compliance and increase candidate quality – among many other benefits.

Enterprise RPO provides your organisation with a team of expert recruiters who tackle all aspects of recruitment for your organisation. These on- or near-site teams are completely embedded in and aligned with your culture, mission and values.

Hybrid RPO is a co-sourcing approach that provides the benefits of RPO while enabling you to maintain in-house ownership of other elements, including the recruitment of entire job functions or divisions. This solution works well for location-specific, business unit-specific and/or critical position fulfillment needs.

Deciding for Yourself

The right talent acquisition solution is unique to each organization. To help you determine the correct approach for your business, Cielo has created the Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models. This guide contains a comprehensive look at the benefits and drawbacks of the three most common talent acquisition models. The guide also explores key components of each model, including considerations such as technology, control, scalability and return on investment.

Be strategic in the method you use to find and recruit the best talent. The future of your organisation depends on it. Download Cielo’s Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models to determine the right approach for your business.

Authored by Seb O’Connell, Cielo’s managing director of Europe & Asia Pacific

Seb O’Connell leads the organisation’s creation and delivery of customised, innovative solutions to clients seeking transformational change. As a member of the Cielo Global Executive Team, he plays a key role in shaping the strategic direction of the organisation as it expands its footprint in Europe and beyond.

Seb brings to Cielo a strong background in business development as well as insightful solution design and operational delivery. Throughout his career, he has proven successful at growing organisations and people, and delivering world-class results for RPO clients across the globe. An acknowledged industry thought leader and EMEA Advisory Board Member to HRO Today Services & Technology Association, Seb is frequently quoted in the media and is a highly-regarded speaker at regional, national and international conferences and seminars.

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