Learning & development (L&D) manager job description template

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31 Aug 2017

31 Aug 2017 • by Changeboard Team

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Learning and development (L&D) manager job description

Reporting into either the head of learning and development or the head of HR (depending on the size of the establishment,) the organisation of all the training and development activities within a company is the primary motivation of a learning and development manager. 

An L&D manager will be expected to create training events for all employees, from initial inductions to leadership programmes for senior executives. 

What does a learning and development manager do?

Learning and development managers are responsible for the creation and delivery of bespoke training programmes. Designed with leadership, management, business and personal progression and best practice in mind, the intention is to expand on the talents and skills across all employees at all levels within an organisation.

Knowledge of the company, its clients and business strategy are all key, as these will be taken into consideration when establishing the training and performance programmes.

The role of the learning and development manager is to fundamentally assist in the organisation’s success, by coaching and developing its people.

Sample learning and development manager responsibilities

As the learning and development manager, your responsibilities will involve:

  • Creating training programmes that are aligned with the organisation’s objectives and having a strong understanding of what these are
  • Acting as the go to within the business for anyone with questions or queries regarding training and development plans
  • Working closely with various leaders across the organisation and having a full understanding of their units and training requirements 
  • Embracing different styles of training techniques, including e-learning, tutorial sessions or coaching
  • Having an awareness of the allocated budget and an ability to find solutions in order to implement the required training  
  • Building relationships with 3rd party training providers
  • Managing the development of the HR team from a training perspective
  • Designing staple curriculums for all employees (i.e. values)

Learning and development manager skills and competencies

This role requires someone with good communication skills and who is keen to assist people with their learning and development. Experience in e-learning course design and budget management are desirable. Proven people management skills and being degree, CIPD or CTP qualified (or equivalent) are essential.

Learning and development managers will be expected to be experienced in the following:

  • Management, development and talent training
  • Designing and supplying a variety of training styles
  • Building relationships with external suppliers
  • Managing budgets 
  • Managing people
  • Qualified to degree, CIPD or CTP level, or equivalent
  • Confident in both written and spoken communication with the ability to present to large audiences
  • Organisational skills 

Learning and development manager salary expectations

The average salary for a learning and development manager in the UK is £44,500. The salary for this role can vary depending on the company and your experience and therefore can be anything between £30,000 and £60,000. 

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