The ABC of the career makeover

Written by
Changeboard Team

13 Jan 2015

13 Jan 2015 • by Changeboard Team

A is for Attitude

In short this stems from the thoughts you hold of yourself, others, and life in general. Feeling good about you really is the start point so do an audit of your own attitude.

Do you perceive yourself as a valuable product or one that is in the marked down bin? If the latter then give yourself a talking to and see, feel and hear yourself as a product that everyone wants a slice of. Start to monitor the attitudes you hold of others too.

Seeing others in a more positive light will help to develop your relationships with them. Attitude really is choice so select carefully. 

B is for belief

Beliefs fall into two categories; some are deep rooted, stored unconsciously, and others are more at the conscious level. The good news is that both can be worked with and changed for the better. This however will only take place if you are ready and willing to challenge the beliefs you hold of yourself and do some work to change them.

Beliefs will determine how you sell yourself, inspire career decision makers, and move forward to change direction if that is your goal. Negative beliefs are what poison advancement so you are well advised to work on them.

There are three practical techniques that help turnaround negative beliefs which you can either do alone, or with the support of a confidence coach namely:-

i) Develop a personal script of positive affirmation. Mentally focus on the script each day and allow them to eventually sink into the unconscious mind.

ii) Stretch the belief you have in yourself by stepping out of the comfort zone daily. In other words do something that creates the “ouch” factor. Doing this will increase your positive self belief as you realize how much you can do.

iii) Model excellence by identifying someone who exudes self-belief. Look at what they do, how they do it, what they feel and if appropriate ask them to be your mentor.

C is for capability

If you want your career to take off then doing a skills audit is a must. Identify your skill deficiencies and take action to close them.

It really is important to have a time managed plan as to how you will close them and think creatively. Courses are not always the best way so consider engaging a personal coach or ask around to gain the appropriate experience.

Senior level experience can often be found by networking with other executives. Most of all don’t be afraid to ask for it. In 2011 consider acquiring a rare skill that makes you stand out from the crowded market.

Perhaps learn Chinese or fund yourself to set up a charity based business that illustrates commercial acumen.

Perhaps 2011 really can be the year you put a higher price tag on yourself.