Talent acquisition in the Asia-Pacific region - what does good look like?

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Changeboard Team

19 Dec 2011

19 Dec 2011 • by Changeboard Team

Fulfilling APAC potential the people agenda

With the ongoing turmoil in the eurozone and the uninspiring performance of the US economy, there can be little doubt that financial power is shifting slowly but surely towards the emerging nations, and particularly to those in the Asia-Pacific region.

Only one factor threatens to hold them back from fulfilling their full potential – the ongoing shortage of managers and professionals capable of taking on the challenges of, not just domestic, but international commerce.

Defining capability

Ochre House recent research among employers in APAC found almost all of them complaining about the difficulty of finding, attracting and retaining the right talent. Yet, perhaps more worryingly, it also appeared that few had actually defined what the ‘right talent’ actually meant.

As a result hiring was often based on an uneasy combination of instinct and rigid job descriptions. And this in turn seemed to be contributing to the low level of employee engagement, which has become a feature of workplace in the region, and high staff turnover levels – as much as 50% per annum in some countries.

A possible solution

Although a complete solution would obviously involve a significant investment of time and effort, the first and relatively straightforward step would be to undertake systematic profiling of high performers to gain a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t.

This would involve identifying performance against agreed criteria as well as assessing skills and attributes likely to be needed inthe future. Supplement this with psychometric testing to provide a template for talent pipelining and acquisition and an organisation will be in a much better position to define and communicate a compelling employee value proposition.

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