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03 Aug 2011

03 Aug 2011 • by Changeboard Team

Overwhelmed with applications

ProKarma has hired more than 250 staff across its offices in the US, India and Argentina since January 2011. At any one time, there are between 50 and 100 vacancies open within the company.

As handling hundreds of CVs at a time has the potential to become an administrative headache, the company needed a system that would integrate seamlessly into its website, channel applications to the right people and eliminate time-consuming data entry.

Moving to the cloud

The organisation turned to Jobscience, a talent relationship management specialist that delivers a suite of HR applications hosted on the application development platform,

All the information is stored and shared in the cloud, allowing the international offices to share details in the same format, including currency changes and language translations where necessary. The talent cloud platform also looks after all other HR functions, including onboarding, benefits tracking, document management and exit interview recording.

Saving costs and promoting efficiency

Each member of the 40-strong global HR and recruiting department uses Jobscience on a daily basis, with users having different access privileges depending on their role and specialism. As chief operating officer Manish Mehta acknowledges, its 2011 recruitment boom could have created a difficult administrative challenge if the organisation had continued using Excel spreadsheets and a different HR package for each country in which it operated.

Mehta says: “With our previous system, if we were to have experienced this kind of growth, we would have − ironically − needed to hire extra staff to manage the process. The talent cloud has saved on staffing costs and stopped us doubling up on efforts.

“We’re a distributed organisation, with 18 offices worldwide. Keeping the information flow running smoothly and staying on top of paperwork is a challenge, but running our operations in the cloud has already removed more than 50% of that. And that’s good news for the environment too.”

Looking to the future

Implementing Jobscience across three countries took six weeks from start to finish, including data migration and customisations.

The next challenge will be for ProKarma’s HR department to become totally paper-free by using electronic signatures for all its HR-related documents – something that can also be achieved with Jobscience.

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