What makes a great employer?

Written by
Elias Dib

24 Nov 2016

24 Nov 2016 • by Elias Dib

What stands out from this year's Best Employers data?

This year’s study reveals the average employee engagement score for a Best Employer Middle East organisation is 85%, significantly higher than the market average of 61%. 

A further 89% of employees from Best Employers believe their organisation shows clear accountability for strategic goals, making employees aware of how they contribute to business success and recognising employees for their performance, compared to the market average of 56%. 

Of those surveyed from Best Employer organisations, 86% believe their leadership has a clear vision of the future, values their people and strives for business excellence, compared to the market average of 65%.

What is the future of employee engagement?

Employee engagement in the region has been steadily increasing over the past four years. Organisations measuring employee engagement are putting action plans in place to improve it. Success levels vary. 

Many organisations are linking employee engagement to organisation performance and key performance indicators (KPIs), to drive business performance. 

In the coming few years, we will witness a shift to a culture of continuous listening, including gathering feedback more broadly across the employee lifecycle and at much more frequent intervals.

DHL Express Middle East on winning

“It’s great when your hard work and dedication is recognised. We put our employees at the heart of everything we do because they are the centre of our business, it’s our culture to support our people, and if that results in an award, we are more than grateful for that. Our culture promotes engaging our people, and creating a healthy environment that encourages recognition and transparency. We are proud of our workforce, and of the efforts they put into making DHL an employer of choice, considered a Best Employer.” Henry Fares, VP HR, DHL Express Middle East

How is the role of the manager changing?

Leaders at the best organisations play a very important role. They provide the cascade effect and affect an organisation’s culture. Because the leaders at Best Employers are highly engaged professionals, they manage to drive a highly engaged organisation at all levels.

It is clearly evident that managers are the Best Employers’ strongest link. They have a direct impact on success. In fact, managers’ effectiveness serves to drive a high-performance culture. 

The employees at Best Employers described their manager as someone who: 
• sets clear expectations and goals 
• provides the support needed to succeed 
• holds people appropriately accountable for performance 
• encourages and motivates subordinates to do their best 
• provides valuable feedback throughout the year that allow performance improvement 
•recognises effort and results.