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Changeboard Team

06 May 2011

06 May 2011 • by Changeboard Team

Is succession planning part of your strategy?

Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, and often viewed as replacement planning should catastrophe strike, today’s succession planning is redefined.

The discipline has broadened in both breadth and scope to become a central component of board-level strategy.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organization – risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, risk of retirees taking their skills and knowledge with them and leaving nothing behind, and risk of losing high value employees to competitors.

It does so by helping your business leaders to identify top performers within the organization, create dynamic 'talent pools' of this critical talent that other leaders can leverage, and prepare and develop these high performing employees for future roles.

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The problem that exists today is that succession planning is barely automated, let alone optimized. This CEO guide provides five key tips for jump starting your succession planning efforts.

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