5 ways to motivate everyone

Written by
Natasha Mudhar

05 Sep 2016

05 Sep 2016 • by Natasha Mudhar

1. Encouraging innovation

My first tip for motivating employees is to allow them to unleash their imagination, ingenuity and creativity. I like to organise mind-mapping sessions to discuss creative new ideas for our client campaigns to ensure that the team are working cohesively and thinking outside the box. This can often motivate and empower certain team members who aren’t so out spoken or creative to have a chance to feel comfortable to voice any ideas they may have and also allow other stronger minded team members help them along the way. Creative brainstorms not only allow fresh creative perspectives for clients but can encourage teamwork. Feeding off each other’s ideas is a great way to motivate each other and create a sense of unity in the office.

2. Empowering employees

Organising individual appraisals with your employees is a great way to understand how to bring out the best in them. It’s vital to set them individual goals, fresh work challenges and new responsibilities to encourage personal growth. Allowing all staff to think how they can lead within the company in the future is a great motivation tool to help empower them to overcome any weaknesses they may have and promote their success.

3. Set an example

I believe it’s essential to lead by example; I often will show enthusiasm in the office about our clients and work we are doing by talking to the team about the background behind our campaigns and clients, so that they feel more connected and knowledgeable about the brands. Showing enthusiasm to talk to one another encourages employees to feel positive and motivated. Good moods are always infectious especially in a working environment.

4. Be accessible

Although I have my own cabin, I sit with my team in the same space so that I am easily accessible if need be. For the majority of my day, I am working right besides my team. Allowing yourself to become accessible is a great way in motivating your staff so they don’t feel a disconnection or barrier and can ask for advice when they need.

5. Work-hard, play-hard

It’s always great to make sure your team knows that it’s important to rejuvenate themselves - tell them to get some fresh air at lunch and have a walk about! Working long hours in the office can sometimes take a toll on staff and it’s really important to let them know you appreciate all that hard work they’ve done. I often organise social events and team dinners so we can spend good quality time together. We spend most of our life with our colleagues so It’s important to remember that fun can and should be part of our work life too.