Video: How can your organisation become more inclusive?

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Changeboard Team

07 Nov 2016

07 Nov 2016 • by Changeboard Team

For organisations looking to become more inclusive, recruitment strategy represents a huge opportunity to create long-term change. After all, if you can recruit a workforce that is more representative of society, then that workforce is more likely to create a culture where diversity and inclusion are valued throughout the organisation.

Freddie Cloke is a University College London graduate and an alumnus of a Common Purpose Study Abroad experience to China. He suggests a two pronged approach to inclusive recruitment:

  1. Outreach: at the minute, your school’s access to information is likely determined by the economic status of that school and parental involvement. Companies should take the initiative to reach out to more schools, thus making themselves more accessible to students from poorer backgrounds.
  2. Integration: can organisations become more involved in the university curriculum: specifically through research projects. This will mean that a student’s academic experience is not detached from the working world and they will develop networks. This will ensure a more level playing-field when graduates seek employment. 

Watch Freddie's video here:


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