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Changeboard Team

28 Sep 2013

28 Sep 2013 • by Changeboard Team

Fostering teamwork

If athletes are to succeed in their field it is important that they train, that they remain committed and that they receive the necessary level of support from those around them.

If you think of a relay in athletics, every member of that team plays an incredibly important part in winning the race. Every organisational department – and the individuals within those departments – has a crucial role to play, and they each rely on each other to succeed in reaching the company’s overall targets or strategic vision.

For individuals to excel in the workplace, HR professionals need to foster a comparable environment in which employees are mentored and supported, their wellbeing is protected, they remain engaged and they have the opportunity to continuously progress.

To be among the elite, you cannot afford to stand still or else you find yourself getting left behind. Continuous hard work and a dedication to ongoing improvement, means that that very best athletes are able to keep beating their personal best.

On an employee level, HR software encourages personal learning and development through the creation and management of training plans, succession planning, career progression, and appraisals. If individuals work within an environment in which they have the opportunity to excel, this creates benefits for the whole team, not just that single employee.

From HR transaction to transformation

Cascade’s software is designed to reduce the administrative burden placed on HR teams, so that they can move from transactional to transformational departments. This means HR professionals can spend less time handling paperwork, and more time concentrating on developing meaningful relationships with staff; in turn ensuring their wellbeing.

Proactive technology can assist with the entire recruitment and selection process, the development of training plans, the engagement of employees (via self service), the continual motivation of staff and if necessary the disciplinary process too.

HR to raise its own game

HR teams should be continuously looking for ways to improve and raise their profile within organisations. No business function can afford to stand still, so HR should be constantly ‘upping its game’ whether significant events like the Olympics are approaching or not, especially because they have the tools and resources available to them to thrive.

Olympic disruption staff management

In terms of the management of staff while the Olympic Games are underway, HR teams may have to make additional considerations to prevent disruptions in the workplace so preparation is key.

Employees may request authorised absences to attend or watch events for example, but necessary steps must be taken to ensure appropriate leave is granted. For example if an organisation has a number of designated first-aiders, not all of them can be away from the office at the same time.

However technology – rather than a paper-based process – will be able to handle any volume of incoming requests with ease. ‘Key man blocking’ within HR software can assess pre-authorised absences and prompt line managers as to who can and cannot be away from the office as a result.