HR professionals struggle to stay up to date with legislation

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Changeboard Team

14 Nov 2016

14 Nov 2016 • by Changeboard Team

New research has indicated that UK HR professionals are struggling to stay on top of ever-changing legislation.

In a survey of 100 HR professionals, identity data intelligence specialists GBG found that 41% are struggling to keep up to date. 

Changes to UK law such as Right to Work in the Immigration Act and the Modern Day Slavery Act are met with anxiety by 34% of respondents. Some 26% feel prepared for legislative changes, with only 4% optimistic that the changes will be advantageous to their company. 

Mark Sugden, sales and business development managers at GBG said: “Legislation changes are evidentially making HR professionals feel unprepared. We still don’t know what the full impact of Brexit will be, which will add further complexity to the situation.”

Many respondents (41%) cited employment screening as their number one priority. Despite this, only 17% ran multiple checks on their employees throughout the year, with a fifth admitting they didn’t undertake any checks on their employees.

Sugden added: “The changing landscape around employment screening, legislation and requirements to monitor employees more stringently is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. 

“However, the consequences of not doing so opens a business up to employee fraud, reputational risk, reduced turnover and fines. Businesses need to recognise the importance of not just completing the Right To Work checks from a recruitment and on-boarding perspective, but also throughout their employment.”