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Standard competency based interview questions: people & organisation competencies - task leadership 27/06/2012

Task Leadership - utilises appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding individuals or a group towards achievement of a task.

Standard competency based interview questions: people & organisation competencies - task leadership

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Question 1

How frequently do you meet with your immediate subordinates as a group? Why? What do you do in preparation? At the meeting? After the meeting?

Question 2

Tell me about a new policy or new idea which was considerably different from the standard procedure that you recently implemented. What approach did you take to get your associates to go along with the idea?

Question 3

Have you ever had a problem in getting your subordinates to accept your ideas or departmental goals? What approach did you use? How effective was it? (Look for involvement of subordinates in decision making).

Question 4

Tell me about a task or project with which you have been involved. What was you role? What did you actually do?

Question 5

Do you have any subordinates with performance problems? What have you done to get them to correct the problems?

Question 6

What specifically do you do to set an example for your subordinates?

Question 7

What sort of leader do your subordinates feel you are? How do you know? Are you satisfied? What have you done about it?

Question 8

Is there an established chain of command in your area? Describe some situations where you did not follow it?

Question 9

How often do you attend a meeting with peers? What role did you play at the last meeting?

Question 10

Have you ever led a task force, committee, or any group that didn’t report to you but from whom you had to get work? How did you do it? What were the satisfactions and disappointments? How would you handle the task differently if you could start again?

Did you ever feel that you had an important impact on a group to which you belonged? What was the situation? How did you achieve the impact?

How often did you hold meetings with your subordinates last year? What did you cover?

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